Atomic Robo Fate System Dice

Atomic Robo Fate System Dice

$ 15.00

Twelve Fate Dice inspired by Atomic Robo.

  • 4 translucent “Robo eyes” blue Fate Dice with white ink
  • 4 pearlized “Robo armor” grey Fate Dice with blue ink
  • 4 translucent “action science” green Fate Dice with white ink

Absolutely required to play the Atomic Robo Fate RPG. Well you can use other Fate dice but you'll be filled with a genuine deep sense of sadness nagging at the very fiber of your being telling you that everything about your life has been wrong. If you can deal with that the whole time you're playing, then we GUESS these are "optional."

But for real you absolutely need Fate Dice to play the Fate system. So if you're gonna own a set. Why not Atomic Robo?  

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