About Tesladyne

Welcome to the Tesladyne Store where you throw money at your computer screen and then Highly Branded Products get delivered to your home.

We're working on a stable teleportation matrix that won't obliterate the object or a three mile radius around the intended point of delivery. So until then we'll just use the mail.

Tesladyne LLC was founded by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener to bring more of Atomic Robo's world into our own. Through merchandising!

A great About Us page helps build trust in us. The more content we provide about us and our business, the more confident you people will be when purchasing from us. THAT'S HOW IT WORKS THE FAQ TOLD ME SO.


Brian once stole a Hardees/Carl Jr. California Raisin toy from a childhood friend.

Scott knows more about the ships of Rebellion Era Star Wars than is healthy for anyone.

Brian discusses all movies, TV shows, and video games in terms of Arrested Development quotes and it's really annoying.

Scott's beard is fake.