Tesladyne Field Guide 2013 - Limited Hardcover

$ 40.00

This 2013 manual is for all employees, contractors, interns, staff, and innocent bystanders of Tesladyne. It is extra classy and in limited hardcover format. Owning this tells everyone "I'm a top performer at THIS operation." We recommend stuffing it with notes of "Good Job" from imaginary higher ups to further boast about your standing at the organization. 

Topics include...

  • How To Deal With Errant Dinosaurs
  • So You've Got An Evil Twin
  • Coping With Alternate Realities
  • Lightning Gun Maintenance
  • Huge Explosions: The Deadly Killer
  • And more!

Available in two versions: regular and scribbled all over by two employees named "Brian Clevinger" and "Scott Wegener" who also drew our robotic founder and savior, Atomic Robo.